Benefits Of Club Membership

  •  Interaction with other club members who form an elite group
  •  Loyalty points for every sales and services.
  •  This is an individual membership for members who is above 18+years.
  •  Special discounts on reservation and booking.
  •  Fun and Entertainment for all members.
  •  Assistance in tours and travels across the world.
  •  Opportunity to promote your business at all our club Events.
  •  Opportunity to meet and network with likeminded members.
  •  Members have access to various events organized by the club.
  •  Can enjoy good value deals from other affiliated properties.

  •  Indulge in amazing delicacies.
  •  Discount vouchers worth 20,000/ INR to be availed for every member.
  •  Access to our upcoming club/Social events.
  •  Free Entry/Special Privileged Rates for members for various events and seminars throughout year.
  •  Access to Selected Star Resorts & Hotels @ discounted price.
  •  Members to avail Special discount on our Online Store.
  •  A personal lifestyle space to spend quality time & relish relaxing moments with friends, family & relatives
  •  Beneficial platform which shall appreciate with time.
  •  It is a Status symbol.

Membership Fees

Membership Fees: 1,000+ taxes per year (Individual membership cost).

Terms and conditions

  •  The member will have to follow the code of conduct as stated in the Rules and Regulations for the members and Bye Laws of Club. If any member is found breaching the same, his / her membership will be terminated with immediate effect.
  •  The approval of the yearly membership is totally at the discretion of the Management of the club.
  •  Membership Fees: RS. 1,000 plus taxes/-
  •  Membership Fees is not refundable under any circumstances.
  •  The Membership term is lifetime from the date of issue of the membership.
  •  Contract Term of twelve months and which is renewable on a yearly basis until the agreement is terminated by either party in accordance with these terms.
  •  The Club reasonably believes that any of the above events is about to happen and notifies the Member accordingly.
  •  Any other changes or additions to the Specified Service or to these Terms will be notified to the Member in writing by the Club in advance of those changes taking place.
  •  Membership card will be issued at the time of registration, which you must be using each time you enter the facilities.
  •  Any Joining Fee/Initial Payment is due and payable immediately upon the start of membership.