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Reneesh Rajan

Reneesh Rajan

Founder & CEO

Born and raised in Bangalore . He is very passionate about events & production, He has a  strong connection to Indian culture and he is an Engineer by profession Over 13 years of event management experience. Also worked extensively in Sales, marketing ,communications , cultural and environmental education .
As a business owner, He strive to find balance on a daily basis. However, He can’t wait to get started each day and  enjoy working with the amazing and dynamic team that He have. He devoted to each and everyone of His clients. He treasure seeing an event plan come to life and go from concept to reality

Rini Reneesh

General – HR Manager

John Shijo

Manager Production & Operation

Syed Aleem

Business Development Manager

Aaqib Subhani

Business Development Manager


Business Development Manager


Assistant Manager Event Operation


Assistant Manager 


Sales Manager

Sumi George

Brand Solution Ececutive



Lasya Hamuluru

Project Manager



Swathi Krishna

Marketing Analyst


Creative & Design Executive